Brazil to become another center of world immigration

Today, Brazil can boast of being the seventh largest economy in the world and the largest economy in Latin America. In 2010, the GDP of this country made up 3.7 trillion reals ($2.1 trillion). This year, after two decades of the export of labor force, Brazil has become the country of immigration, which attracts European and Chinese nationals, not to mention Hispanic nationalities. What is more, many Brazilians, who left the country for earnings in Europe and America years ago, have started to return to their motherland. For the first time in 20 years, the number of foreigners, who entered Brazil to work, to study or to live with their relatives, have exceeded the number of Brazilians, who left the country for similar reasons.

According to the Brazilian Ministry for Justice, the number of foreigners, who reside in the country legally, has increased by 52 percent and continues to grow. From 2009 to 2010, the issue of permanent residence visas has increased by 67 percent. The growth in the number of illegal immigrants made up as many as 600,000 people during the same period of time. Their total amount reached 2 million people. As many as 4 million Brazilians were living outside Brazil in 2005.

Two million of them have already returned to their native land. Share Print version Font Size Send to friend The Brazilian economy has been growing during the recent years against the background of the ongoing crisis in the USA, Europe and Japan. The Portuguese make the largest group of legal migrants in Brazil today. The list continues with natives of Bolivia, Paraguay and China. The Bolivians make the largest group of illegal migrants – 40 percent (according to the amnesty in 2009). Brazil became an attractive market for qualified foreign labor force According to the Brazilian Ministry for Labor, the number of foreigners holding work visas made up 26,545 people in the first half of 2011.

The index marked a 20-percent increase as compared to the same period of 2010. The process may continue to develop in connection with the growth of unemployment in the developed countries. It is foreign investors (China, Korea, Japan) that create the demand. They invest in the Brazilian industry and attract their country-fellows to live and work in Brazil. One of Brazil’s biggest problems is the poor quality of education, especially when it comes to technology-intensive professions. Experts say that the lack of qualified personnel in the field of telecommunications and informational technologies (programmers and system analysts – approximately 2 million people) may slow down the further development of the country. That is why the country is ready to annually welcome nearly 20,000 engineers in the field of geological exploration, road building, the construction of seaports and airports. Hotel managers, programmers, communication specialists, medical specialists, architects, biologists and engineers of other specialities are also in demand in today’s Brazil. Foreign specialists presumably come to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. The growth of foreign labor was also registered in the north-east and in the midwest of the country (by 134 and 48 percent respectively).

The north-east of Brazil attracts foreign investments in the realization of projects in the field of petrochemistry, ship-building, steel-casting and mining industries. As for illegal immigration, it presumably consists of non-qualified personnel working in the fields of construction and public utilities. According to the data of the latest amnesty in 2009, the majority of 45,000 legal immigrants arrived in Brazil on tourist visas. During the first stage of the amnesty, they received two-year residence permits.

To be able to stay in Brazil permanently, the people will have to provide six-month employment certificates from their employers. According to experts’ estimates, only a half of illegal aliens will become legal residents of Brazil by the end of the year. One may become a legal Brazilian resident by opening their own business. To be able to do that, one will have to have a bank account with $50,000 on it. In this case, residence permits will be issued without any problems. Unlike in the USA, any person aged below 50 and having a monthly income that starts from $2,000 may immigrate to Brazil and take two relatives along. The immigrant would have to provide the income of $1,000 for the relatives.

Brazil can not compete with the largest centers of world immigration – the USA, China and Canada, of course. As many as 56,000 work visas, which were issued in Brazil in 2010, are equivalent to one-tenth of the number of work visas issued over the same period of time in the USA and to a quarter of visas issued in Canada and China. The trend is obvious, though.

Only eight million people submitted applications this year to take part in the lottery in which winners receive residence and work permits in the United States. Last year, the number of submissions was much larger – 15 million.

Brazil undoubtedly offers wide opportunities for employment and business, some of which are connected with world’s largest sports projects, such as the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. Lubov Lulko Pravda.Ru

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Partnering with Forever2012…

The 2012 Games provide an amazing opportunity!

An opportunity to reach out to the peoples and communities of the United Kingdom.

But also an opportunity to touch the hearts and souls of the million-plus visitors from the nations coming to the UK for the Olympics.

Forever (like YWAMkickoff) is a team focused on taking advantage of these opportunities and on conveying the gospel of Jesus at the forthcoming Games. We are preparing to mobilise thousands of outreach teams from across the world to impact people in a fresh and exciting way.


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Can I bring a team/group to do ministry in Brazil?

Yes, you can! YWAMKICKOFF networks with many different ministries, churches and organisations, which enable us to place you effectively with a local partner (ministry, church, organisation) according to your interest, skills and experience.

What are the costs involved for a volunteer mission team coming to Brazil during the World Cup™?

There are a few main areas that you need to consider with regards to the costs involved:

  1. Flights: Depending on where you are coming from, this will form the major part of your costs. Flights during the Cup dates are very expensive and difficult to find, so it is worth considering booking flights before or after the tournament dates.
  2. Transport: Many churches/ministries and service providers are making vehicles available. However, fuel and vehicle hire is a considerable expense to consider.
  3. Accommodation & meals: Many churches are open to host mission teams and volunteers. Alternatively, there are many hostels and campsites (with dorm rooms) and guest houses available that are very reasonably priced.
  4. Optional activities: Brazil has MANY wonderful sights to see, so if you have time (and some extra money) it is well worth your while experiencing some of the incredible places God has blessed this country with.

We/I have never been on a mission trip to Brazil. How do we/I go about putting together all the necessary arrangements?

YWAMKICKOFF works with several service providers that have many years’ experience of hosting international mission teams. Their efficient staff on the ground will be able to help you to put together a suitable ministry schedule, as well as work through the necessary logistics (accommodation, transport etc.) surrounding your stay here.

How soon do we need to start making arrangements?

If you haven’t started already, you need to start NOW! Arrangements during this exciting event are not only more expensive than usual, but also scarcely available, so the sooner you can start working on the necessary arrangements, the better!

What areas of ministry can we get involved in?

There are a vast number of different areas in which a team can get involved in, including sports, arts (music/drama etc.), children’s ministry, social responsibility etc. Please see our website for further areas of ministry and how you can become involved.

How can my church as a congregation get involved?

  • You can promote a prayer team to start interceding for this event and all the teams that will be in Brazil.
  • You can also put a team of volunteers together and come to join us before and during the big event.
  • There are also financial needs to run this ministry. If you feel like blessing this project financially please contact us to find out how to help.

What is going to be happening during the World Cup™ with regards to Creative Arts?

Teams will be set up to go to the 12 Host cities.  These teams will be responsible for planning and implementing Christian Creative Arts Events and Outreaches, using a wide variety of creative arts (choirs, praise and worship events, fine arts exhibitions, open air performances, festivals, bands, drama, puppets etc.) to tell The Greatest Story that’s ever been told.

How do I or my church get involved in the Arts ministry?

  • Christian creative artists volunteer your talents and perform and minister during the Soccer event.
  • Churches host performing groups who can assist with ministry within your church and community.
  • Creative Arts training available for your church or community
  • Churches with creative arts teams have the opportunity to get involved with the events already planned in their cities.

How can I get involved?

Go to our website at and register. This will keep you in the loop, you will receive monthly News and Prayer letters and have the freedom to browse the website and view all the download items, resources, programmes, events and much more.


Our mission

As we come together from all nations, we believe God for mighty outpour to reach out to the nations during the BIG EVENT in Brazil in 2014.

As the it will touch Brazil, the country is in full preparation and so are we. YWAMKICKOFF has moved from South Africa to Brazil to continue our mission – mobilize, train and facilitate the work of teams from all over the globe as thousands of sport teams, churches, youth groups and other organizations get ready to share Jesus with millions of international soccer fans through various events.

Uniting all workers, strengths, embracing the different cultures…our goal is to reach out to Brazilians and foreigners, empowering the people and bringing HOPE.

With our experience during the “EVENT” in South Africa, we want to play the same game and even go beyond that in Brazil. With YWAM being a worldwide well-known mission organization, in partnership with international and local organizations, we will be functioning as a platform for all organizations on their way to Brazil. We will be serving teams from all over the world with our wide-spread network, contacts and experience to step into ‘The Ultimate Goal’.

God has a great vision to reach out to all the nations and is calling His people to prepare the way to the 2014 event.

Do you want to be part of making His dream come true, joining His team and having an unforgettable experience yourself?

Check out the multiple options for you to join our team and apply directly.

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Hello world!

Get to know us better !!!!!

YWAMKICKOFF was launched in November 2005, when leaders of mission organizations, churches and international Christian sports communities from all over the world gathered to bring a structure in planning their outreaches to the Big Event in Germany.

YWAMKICKOFF then moved to South Africa and in 2010 we served hundreds of people all over the country. Our team worked hard mobilizing, training and making outreaches possible, linking groups of volunteers to opportunities.



Now it is time for Brazil. We are already working hard setting up our internacional office and promoting the ministry with churches and getting people involved. There is so much to be done and that is why we started early.


Join thousands of missionaries around the world as they gather for the Ultimate goal… TO REACH OUT TO NATIONS..


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